Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Thankful Week

Well, I had a post all ready and it was about my Monday night, but then I forgot to push post, so it got erased. Oh well. :)

Monday night was such a great night. I ended up going to Panera to help some basketball girls with their math and drank a delightful cup of hot chocolate. The girls did a lot of math problems and I helped every now and again. It was fun to get to help out. I took pictures to post so they will be coming.

This week, I've been so thankful for my body, my mind and my ability to walk and talk. I have watched students with disabilities all week and the more I watch them, the more challenged I am. They are content. They really are. As I watched them with their peer helper, I was brought to tears with how often I am discontent with my lot in life. I have been so thankful this week that God made me the way he did. Able to walk and talk. And if he ever decided to take those gifts away, I only pray I'd be just as content as the students I've watched this week.

I am excited for Thanksgiving. It will be a good day of relaxation and of being with my family!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. and on monday you got to talk to me on the phone :)