Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A humorous morning

Admist our daily morning conversation, the following took place:

Annie: "I'm mad at you, ya know"
Sylvia: "Me? Why?"
Annie: "Cuz you have spring break."
Sylvia: "Well, I'm mad at you then"
Annie: "Why? I don't have a spring break!"
Sylvia: "Yeah, but you're going on a cruise."
Annie: "Well, I'm still mad at you!"
Sylvia: "Why?"
Annie: "Because you have summer vacation!"
Sylvia: "No I don't! I'm taking classes this summer!!"
Annie: "Oh yeah. Ok, I'm not mad at you then."

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My response to Him

I was floored by Psalm 96:7-10 this morning...five things we are to do because of God's worthiness and glory...

1. Ascribe (To attribute or think of as belonging as a quality or characteristic)
* Glory (due His name)
* Strength
2. Bring him an offering
3. Worship Him in the splendor of His holiness
4. Tremble before Him
5. Say "The Lord reigns"

Ascribe, Bring Worship, Tremble, Say...wow. And He is worthy of it all.

Good points to dwell on...

On another note...I saw my 2nd grade and 4th grade teacher at a high school basketball game tonight. It was so fun! They were both excited to find out that I was a teacher. We talked like real adults together...not a teacher to a student. Bizarre...more for them than for me I'm sure! Fun to transition through life!

I felt like an adult with my car this week...we've had some bonding moments. I had to get a new tire (nail in a place that couldn't be patched...I love nails!) and then had to get my oil changed (4 months overdue and about 2000 miles over, but hey, way better than last time!). Feels good to be a responsible adult. :)

Spring is near and I can't wait! Until next time...