Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Glorious Day

Today, I am closing on my first house ever! The emotions are mixed. Nervous for the responsibility that will bring, but excited none the less. However, the glorious day is not because of closing on a house. It has to do with my drive into work. I left really early from Ames to drive to Ankeny...6:30. As I drove to Ankeny, I was looking at the dark sky, listening to music and worshipping my Jesus, and I saw a shooting star! Right in front of me! It was magnificent! And the cool part: God knows that star by name! He is such a personal God! If He knows the star by name, He clearly knows, understands, and cares about my worries in life. What I view as insignificant in light of eternity, He really, truly and genuinely cares about! I experienced the love of my Savior first hand today. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for knowing all, and for doing all that pleases you, and still caring deeply about me. The beauty of how that all fits together overwhelms me today.

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  1. yay, wow, awesome!
    yay that sylvia has a blog!
    wow on seeing that shooting star!
    awesome application to your life!

    thanks for this lovely post . . . and keep it up!!!!